Arranmore's Leabgarrow Beach

To Arranmore

There are regular ferry services to the island from Burtonport starting early in the morning and running almost hourly throughout the day. Timetables can be found at the harbour in Burtonport, or you can contact the ferry operators directly for more information.

Arranmore Blue Ferry

Arranmore Red Ferry


The closest airport to Arranmore Island and Burtonport is Donegal Airport, which has connecting flights to Dublin (via Aer Lingus) and Glasgow (via Loganair)

Aer Lingus


Other Nearby Airports
Flying into Donegal
Donegal's Public Transport

Public Transport

There are regular bus services running from Burtonport to Letterkenny. 

Letterkenny to Burtonport (271) can be found on Local Link Donegal

Dohertys Coaches also run a service, timetables can be found on their website

Local Link Donegal

Dohertys Coaches